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Vakeel Sahab” in Indian Sub-continent is a very popular term which means a person who represents others before a Court as a Lawyer or Pleader. VakeelSahab.com is a platform created for Law Students and Lawyers for gaining excellent knowledge of the Legal Field. Our aim is to deliver best quality information in the simplest way to help progress their professional careers. We will be sharing knowledge through content like Articles, Lectures, Event Updates, Interviews, Certificate Courses etc.

We invite you to become a part of this initiative. We would love to receive your feedback on our work. If you are interested, we will publish your Articles and Lectures on our platform. We request you to encourage our mission, please Like, Share, Subscribe us on all the social media platforms.



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Mahboob Ali Mohammed, the founder of VakeelSahab.com is a Software Engineer turned Trainer and Lawyer from Hyderabad. He has British Council (UK) certifications on Business English & IELTS. He is founder of Easy Syllabus Institute, Awam Praja Foundation (APF Talks Series), Lawyers For Justice (LFJ Lectures), and AwamMedia.com (News Blog). He is also training to become a Psychologist Counsellor.


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